Pluck up your Courage and Experience the Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome

The world’s first ever ropes course in a wildlife park opened its doors in December 2012. If you haven’t experienced the challenges, now is your chance.

Located in the heart of the Cairns CBD, you will find Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome. This one-of-a-kind attraction features a series of exhilarating experiences such as:

Mid-ZOOM: This course serves as a training ground. You can familiarise yourself with the equipment and heights through the various obstacles such as climbing wall, cargo net, swings and tunnels.

Hi-ZOOM: Are your ready to level it up? Head to the more complex obstacles at Hi-ZOOM. Get ready for the crossing and 3 exciting ziplines which includes sliding over Goliath, the 4 metre saltwater crocodile.

Dome-Climb: For a perfect city view and a bird’s-eye view of the Dome, head over to the top. Every step you make at the 60cm wide platform gives you a fantastic view. While you’re there, make sure to read the history panels around the Dome Roof to learn more about Cairns.

Power Jump: So you’re not afraid heights? Then enjoy the view on top of the 13m high tower especially the free fall adventure that comes after.

Commando Rope Climb: Once you have conquered the free fall adventure, try climbing a 13m thick rope which is attached under the platform of the Power Jump. Don’t worry about falling because you will be equipped with a belay system and a trampoline is positioned below.

Pirate Climb: If you prefer a cargo net than a climbing rope, switch to the Pirate Climb.  Like the Commando Rope Climb, this one is also attached to the base of the Power Jump and you will also be using a belay system. All you need to do is climb the net and ring the ship’s bell once you’ve reached the top.

Slacklining: Become a tightrope walker and walk the 450 metre cable of Slacklining. Don’t worry about falling as you will be harnessed into a belay system.

To remember your visit, make sure to also meet the amazing wildlife personalities and take special photos with them. Catch some wildlife shows and presentations too while you’re there.

For easy access, book your family accommodation in Cairns Koala Court. The Cairns City accommodation is just a 7-minute drive to the Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome.

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