Things to Do near Cairns Holiday Apartment under $20

A lot of travelers (mostly new) and tourist think that there are only two things you can do near Cairns Holiday Apartment, tan your body and go surfing. But that is entirely wrong! For all of your information, there are tons of cool things to do near Cairns Holiday Apartment, and it’s also very cheap!
Here are the things that you can absolutely do and go to near Cairns Holiday Apartment under $20:

Noosa National Park walk
Noosa National Park is one of the most famous National Parks in Australia. This gives you at least 5 things to do since there are about 5 different tracks to go to. I would truly recommend you guys going for a picnic lunch and heading over to the coastal track where you can stop by for a swim as well as the watch some possible dolphins swimming by, koalas and whales. What’s best about this adventure, it’s absolutely free!

The Beach near Cairns Holiday Apartment
You can’t mention Noosa without mentioning their beach. Noosa has two amazing beaches that you can choose from: The Noosa main beach and the Sunshine Beach. How much does going to these beaches cost? Let’s just say it’s pretty cheap.

Noosa’s stapled activity. It’s a bit too mainstream but it’s hard not to mention. Surfing can be a bit pricey here in Noosa. But if you still want something cheap, then you can actually grab a body board for free at the reception desk and use it as an alternate surfing board. How about that?

Noosa’s finest and signature food. Get your travel buddies together and head down to the Noosa River or Noosa woods for a steamy BBQ! DYK? Most barbecues in Noosa are free! Some do cost a small amount.

Bike ride
Get a bike and ride along the river, or venture further afield! Whatever you want to do. Cost? $15, FOR THE ENTIRE DAY.

Hasting Street
Noosa’s most famous street. Take a stroll on this main street of Noosa where you can find a lot of restaurants, stores and live music for you own satisfaction. You could also buy yourself some ice cream. The price will depend on how many you will buy. But it’s extremely cheap

Don’t be mistaken. Although these places and activities are extremely cheap of the price, they are still world-class quality. That’s the amazing thing about Noosa and its accessibility to near Cairns Holiday Apartment. You can enjoy all the goodness of life without even spending too much. For more information on bookings and reservations, visit